Hello! I’m Brenda.

I’m an illustrator, graphic designer, and art teacher. I love making art, meeting other creatives, and sharing the lessons that I’ve learned along the way. I live next to the Rocky Mountains with my lovely husband and adorable two kiddos.

What is “On The Creative Road”?

If you are an artist, illustrator, singer, writer, dancer, crafter, inventor, dreamer, or in other words any kind of “creative” – YOU are On The Creative Road and I am too! It looks different for all of us. We all began our journey differently. There are a variety of detours we may have taken, unique places we are traveling to, pit stops we’ve made along the way, and even shortcuts we’ve discovered. It’s a grand adventure! I hope my stories from On The Creative Road can encourage you on your own travels!

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Hello, I’m Brenda, an illustrator, designer and art teacher based in Colorado, USA. I illustrate digitally and also love creating art with traditional media. I enjoy sharing my artistic journey and encouraging others! www.brendaharrisillustration.com